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Album Art Downloader 1.05

Finds and downloads album arts for audio files
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Alex Vallat, Marc Landis
Searches various Internet sources then downloads the correct album art for your favorite records so that they appear correctly in the player.

No matter how large it is, a music collection won’t be impressive enough unless it’s also well-organized and good-looking. It can get well-organized by arranging the file names and providing the right music tags, but when it comes to the look, the most important aspect is the album art. The album art is displayed by most media players and is usually represented by the official album cover but can also be a photo of a live concert, of the artist, and so on. When it comes to adding album art to the tracks of your music collection, the most difficult part is finding the right images. Here comes this application to help. Using it you will no longer have to manually search for album art and download it to the computer. As its name says, Album Art Downloader is a handy tool that finds and downloads the proper album images to your computer in a simple, fast, automated manner. All that’s left for you to do is provide the name of the album, of the artist, or both, and press the “Search” button. You can also configure the sources used by the program to locate the album art, though that’s not exactly necessary as the program uses all available sources by default.

Besides being simple and easy-to-use, it also provides handy additional features such as support for control through command line parameters and integration with the popular Foobar2000 audio player. It is also lightweight, neat and open-source. In conclusion, it’s simply great for whomever wants to add album art to their music collection in a quick and easy way.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Open source


  • Lacks a proper "help" file
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